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Re: ELF st_other

Hi Alan,

:   I'm about to commit this.  I was poking around here toying with the idea
: of using a bit in st_other during final link to flag local syms that have
: dynamic relocs against them.  The idea is to save a hash lookup on all
: relocs against local syms.  See bfd/elf-hppa.h:elf_hppa_relocate_section. 
: Comments?

I assume that you mean that the use of this bit will be temporary, ie
only for the duration of the final link.  So you do not need
"official" space in the st_other field, just a free bit which you can
use for a short while ?

At the moment there are 6 free bits in the st_other field, although
the v850 port will one day have to be fixed to use 4 of these.
(Currently it uses the visibility bits for its own purposes.)  I guess
in the short term using one of the free bits, (presumably the high
bit), would work, but of course in the long term we could end up with
no free bits in the st_other field.

Just thinking out loud at the momemnt.  I do not have a real long term
solution in mind...


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