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(gas -- compile time error) dwarf2dbg.c and long long

(patch) Part II of PE-COFF type tags in exported symbols

(patch) pe-coff shared section flag

(patch) PE-COFF type tags in exported symbols

(patch) tiny config patches

(patch) x86-pe ld DLL auto-image-base options

(repeat) Patch for buglet in readelf.c - confused by zero-terminationof the .debug_abbrev section

A -Bsymbolic patch for bfd

.dynsym pain

.gnu.linkonce COFF support ld dumps core when /DISCARD/ is used

A 32bit BFD patch

64-bit MIPS support

[ PATCH: PE linker: Don't merge sections until final link]

[ChangeLog typo] (patch) tiny config patches

[PATCH] .plt32768+ sparc64 fixes, sizeof_hash_entry fix


[PATCH] elf64_sparc default search dirs

[PATCH] Elf: record_link_assignment: try to keep symbol types when possible.

[PATCH] Fix segfault relocating debugging sections on powerpc-*-linux-gnu

[PATCH] HOSTING_* definitions for sparc*-*linux-gnu*

[PATCH] My current SPARC patches

[PATCH] Re: binutils still trigger the last bug - static libstdc++ required

[PATCH] Revert of tc-sparc.h changes which break pic

[PATCH] Run ld-shared and ld-vers checks on sparc*linux

[PATCH] skipping of incompatible libraries in the search path

[PATCH] Sparc assembly fix

[PATCH] Support for R_SPARC_OLO10 relocations

[PATCH] Typo fix for the R_SPARC_OLO10 patch

[PATCH] Yet another updated STT_REGISTER patch

[PATCH]New options, docs and testcases for m68k/ColdFire

[SGI-IRIX 6.5] ld (current CVS) refuses to build

[ ]

`objdump --disassemble-all no-such-file' exits successfully

alpha linux fix for gprof

Re: Another script for building binutils

Assembler problem(?) when compiling SysVinit.

assertion failure in coff-i386.c on .code16

AW: Cygwin crashes using own linker scripts

bfd asssertions under S.u.S.E 6.2 (binutils 2.9.1 bfd

bfd client access to PT_NOTE program segment

bfd client access to PT_NOTE program segment (patch included)

A bfd patch

BFD questions


Re: binutils still trigger the last bug - static libstdc++ required

Re: binutils problem

binutils on PowerPC Linux APUS

RE: binutils patches for basic generic i960-elf

binutils support for a.out-arm-netbsd target

binutils-2.9.* on hppa-1.1-hpux10.20 (fwd)

binutils-2.9.5 build failure under hpux 10.20

Re: binutils-as: can addr32 prefix be automatically inferred?

Boring new tests for mips gas.

a bug in as

Can't build hppa binutils snapshot

Change default location of DJGPP's ld scripts

COFF line information

A COFF patch

Constructor called twice on global objects

custom section alignment patch

d10v extensions

D10V linker script patch

Dealing with broken ELF libraries

Default architecture according --target=...configury?

Delete unused functions from elf32-mips.c

DJGPP and alignment

DJGPP COFF patches

DJGPP script update patch

DOS/Windows-related changes in the binutils subdirectory

DOS/Windows-related changes in the gprof subdirectory

DOS/Windows-related changes in the include subdirectory

DOS/Windows-related changes in the ld subdirectory

DOS/Windows-related changes in the libiberty subdirectory

DOS/Windows-related patches in bfd subdirectory

DWARF2 vs. 64-bit MIPS

elf st_other ramblings and patch.

elf-powerpc pagesize discrepancy?

elf32-mips breaks binary compatibility

elf32-mips howto table

elf32-mips.c patch

elf32-mips.c patch from Ralf


finding the file of a local symbol in BFD

Forwarded symbols in the exports table of a DLL.

gas ( on Linux2.2.10 and 3DNow !?

A glibc dynamic linker or gld bug?

gprof on Mach based systems

HI16 / LO16 relocations.

An i386 fp register name patch

idea for ld feature: eliding unreferenced input sections

ld & ylwrap

An ld patch

ld, access to symbols

ld/ has hardcoded gcc

Linker overlay pages strategy [Q]

Linker Testsuite

make check

Make check failure: ARM in ld-bootstrap/bootstrap.exp...

make check failures...

Memory exhaustion on pa test case?

MIPS gas bug & fix

MIPS patch for relocateable output

MIPS/ELF linker

more "make check" issues

more binutils fixes for alpha

more obsolete DJGPP files

Never mind...

New error message for coff-linker

new target for binutils: simplescalar

Next version

nm --size-sort on .o files is buggy

Not able to generate executable the GNU ld from binutils-990714

o32 links ...

objcopy elf->coff relocs

objdump patch to recognize core files

obsolete files

The old libiberty/cplus-dem.c?

output order of input sections not named in linker script

Overflow fix (was Problems with trampoline.S with 64 bit binutils)

PA2.0 stuff

Partial linking only for some symbols? Now?

PATCH for 64-bit MIPS ELF buglets

PATCH for 64-bit MIPS ELF relocations

A patch for bfd

patch for bfd/dwarf2.c, problem if .debug_info section was relocated

patch for bfd/dwarf2.c, support for 16-bits addresses in DWARF-2

patch for binutils/readelf.c, 3 more dwarf2 fixes

patch for binutils/readelf.c, DW_LNS_const_add_pc bug

patch for binutils/readelf.c, problem with .debug_line and pointer_size != 4

Patch for buglet in readelf.c - confused by zero-termination of the.debug_abbrev section

Patch for COFF .gnu.linkonce support

PATCH for different-sized hash-entries

PATCH for elf/mips

PATCH for elf32-mips.c

patch for elf32-mips.c

PATCH for elf32-mips.c typo

Patch for gas (mri mode).

patch for gas/dwarf2dbg.c, can fail when new frags are created

patch for gas/dwarf2dbg.c, core dump and corrupted .debug_line section

patch for gas/dwarf2dbg.c, dwarf2 std conformance problem

PATCH for GOT16 handling

Patch for Gprof: consistent handling of underscores

A patch for i386-dis.c

patch for i386go32.c

PATCH for IRIX6 ld testsuite configuration

PATCH for IRIX6/linkonce sections

PATCH for ld -r and MIPS N32 ABI

A patch for ld testsutes

Patch for make check failures on ARM Linux...

patch for minor nit in bfd

PATCH for MIPS 64-bit ABI suport

Patch for obj-coff.c

patch for readelf dwarf2 debug_line bug

PATCH for smaller GOTs on MIPS

patch for te-go32.c

PATCH for undefined.exp

Patch to add i386-*-vxworks* and powerpc-*-vxworks* targets to BFD

Patch to allow ELF backends to add their own command line switches

Patch to build cxxfilt for DOS

PATCH to elf32-mips.c for HI16 in REL sections

PATCH to enable GNU ld on MIPS 64-bit ABI

Patch to fix internal linker error

Patch to fix memory leak in bfd

Patch to gprof to cope with alien gmon.out formats

Patch to improve linker output format selection

Patch to prevent building/configuring ld for native AIX platforms

Patch to readelf...

Patch to rename SH mulu and muls instructions

Patch to sh-opc.h to fix some load/store bit patterns

patch to write.c

Patch: Add cmpb to pa2.0 gas

Patch: add comments to hppa.h

Patch: add new pa2.0 instructions

Patch: add pa2.0 64 bit condition completers

Patch: add pa2.0 64 bit condition completers (2nd try)

Patch: add pa2.0 instructions

Patch: add pa2.0 media instructions

Re: PATCH: add pa2.0 system instructions

Patch: add prefix to completer args for hppa

Patch: Add prefix to completers in hppa port

Patch: add prefix to condition args in opcodes

Patch: addb and addib 64 bit for hppa

Patch: fix 64 bit cmpb behavior for hppa

Re: PATCH: fix pa disassembly bug

Patch: fix parens in tc-hppa.c

Patch: Initialise new file space to zero for Beos

Patch: Merge .bss.* sections into the .bss section

Re: PATCH: minor hppa disasm cleanup

Patch: more new instructions for PA2.0

Patch: more pa2.0 instructions

Patch: pa2.0 branch instructions

Patch: PA2.0 cache completers

PATCH: PE linker: Don't merge sections until final link

Patch: prefix hppa float reg codes

Patch: redo of new insns for pa2.0

Patch: shift insns for pa2.0

Patch: shut up compiler warnings on pa port

Patch: Support .loc STABS directive on ELF based toolchains.

Patch: tests for pa20 fp instructions

Patch: update to 64 bit conditions

pe-coff BFD breakage

Possible Relocation Overflow ??

PowerPC GAS quirk

Problem linking Sun v9 libs

Problems compiling the latest snapshot

Problems converting elf32-sh to coff-sh

Problems still compiling latest snapshot...

Problems with binutils-990716

problems with newer binutils building linux-2.0.37

Question/Problem about binutils

R_MIPS16_GPREL patch

R_MIPS_26 testcase

R_MIPS_GOT16 bug

R_PPC_LOCAL24PC c++ linking problems with current binutils

re gdb-4.18 & binutils

readelf breakage.

Reloc changes to bfd/elf32-mips.c

Re: Serious C++ linking error

shared libs: is it (whose?) bug?

Should the linker tests notice multilib variations ?

Sourceware synchronisation.

Still have problems converting elf32-sh to coff-sh.

strange compile problem

strip sets RELOC flag in section headers

SuperH PIC Support

support for picoJava


symbol relocation

Testsuite/dejagnu problems continue for me, unfortunately...

Trivial patch for in ld.

Ultrasparc instruction support?

update for djgpp linker script

using newer binutils snaps on linux 2.0 kernels

Variable page size for ELF

Version 2.9.5

A vsworks for gas

vtable.exp fails on ARM...

A vxworks patch for bfd?

A vxworks patch for ld

A weak symbol patch

Weird relocations

An x86 gas bug

Your change to ldlang.c

Zero valued N_FUN stabs in shared objects: Why?

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