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[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_26-branch] 2016-02-05 Sriraman Tallam <tmsriram at google dot com>

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_26-branch] [ARM/STM32L4XX] PR 20030: --fix-stm32l4xx-629360 fails to create vldm/vpop veneers for double-pr

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_26-branch] Accept and ignore dummy command line options in the ARC backend of GAS.

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_26-branch] Automatic date update in

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_26-branch] Don't convert GOTPCREL relocation against large section

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_26-branch] Don't convert R_386_GOT32 relocation

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_26-branch] ld --gc-sections fail with __tls_get_addr_opt

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Automatic date update in

[binutils-gdb] * ld/testsuite/ld-srec/srec.exp: Mark test as XFAIL for AVR.

[binutils-gdb] 2016-05-10 Christophe Lyon <christophe dot lyon at linaro dot org>

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Also puts value in place for R_AARCH64_RELATIVE

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Remove redundant tls relax in elfNN_aarch64_final_link_relocate

[binutils-gdb] [ARC] Add SYNTAX_NOP and SYNTAX_1OP for extension instructions

[binutils-gdb] [ARC] Add XY registers, update neg instruction.

[binutils-gdb] [ARC] BFD fixes.

[binutils-gdb] [ARC] Emulation and default script template changes.

[binutils-gdb] [ARC] Fixed-linker-related-testsuite-for-ARC

[binutils-gdb] [ARC] Rename "class" named attributes.

[binutils-gdb] [ARC] Update instruction type and delay slot info.

[binutils-gdb] [ARM/STM32L4XX] PR 20030: --fix-stm32l4xx-629360 fails to create vldm/vpop veneers for double-precis

[binutils-gdb] [ARM][gas] Fix warnings about uninitialised uses and unused const variables

[binutils-gdb] [HPPA] Attach linker created dynamic sections to stub bfd

[binutils-gdb] Accept valid one byte signed and unsigned values for the IMM8 operand.

[binutils-gdb] Add .noavx512XX directives to x86 assembler

[binutils-gdb] Add dependencies to configure rule

[binutils-gdb] Add DW_LANG_Rust

[binutils-gdb] Add MIPS32 DSPr3 support.

[binutils-gdb] Add missing ChangeLog entries

[binutils-gdb] Add support for ARMv8-M Mainline with DSP extension

[binutils-gdb] Add support for ARMv8-M security extensions instructions

[binutils-gdb] Add support for configuring for the ARM Phoenix target.

[binutils-gdb] Add support for new POWER ISA 3.0 instructions.

[binutils-gdb] Allocate ppc64 got and dynrelocs before plt

[binutils-gdb] Allow extension availability to depend on several architecture bits

[binutils-gdb] Allow stubs without associated input section in ARM backend

[binutils-gdb] Allow veneers to claim veneered symbols

[binutils-gdb] Append ".p2align 4" to some x86 directive tests

[binutils-gdb] Assume that the GAS testsuite for the AVR is being run without -mlink-relax specified.

[binutils-gdb] Automatic date update in

[binutils-gdb] binutils/doc: Update documentation for nm --size-sort

[binutils-gdb] Cache the section contents in x86 check_relocs

[binutils-gdb] change some variable's type to op_err

[binutils-gdb] change the type of some fields to bfd_reloc_code_real_type

[binutils-gdb] Change type of v850_target_arch to enum bfd_architecture

[binutils-gdb] Check global CC in at_least_gcc_version

[binutils-gdb] commit ChangeLog for previous commit

[binutils-gdb] Correct "Fix powerpc subis range"

[binutils-gdb] Correct CpuMax in i386-opc.h

[binutils-gdb] Correct script input section pattern

[binutils-gdb] d30v: make var type operatorT

[binutils-gdb] Define elf_backend_add_symbol_hook for Intel MCU

[binutils-gdb] Don't allow COPY relocations for protected symbols.

[binutils-gdb] Don't check R_386_GOT32 when setting need_convert_load

[binutils-gdb] Don't clear cpu64 nor cpuno64

[binutils-gdb] Don't convert GOTPCREL relocation against large section

[binutils-gdb] Don't convert R_386_GOT32 relocation

[binutils-gdb] Don't needlessly clear xmemdup allocated memory.

[binutils-gdb] elf32-arm.c build breakage

[binutils-gdb] Enable 64-bit archives in ar and ranlib

[binutils-gdb] Enable Intel RDPID instruction.

[binutils-gdb] Enable R_AARCH64_NONE for 64-bit code.

[binutils-gdb] Enable VREX for all AVX512 directives

[binutils-gdb] Enable VREX for AVX512 directives

[binutils-gdb] Ensure that padding in the constant pool uses constant values.

[binutils-gdb] Extract convert_load_reloc from x86 convert_load

[binutils-gdb] Factor our stub creation in ARM backend

[binutils-gdb] Fix build breakage

[binutils-gdb] Fix date in ChangeLog

[binutils-gdb] Fix ealphavms.c and eelf64_ia64_vms.c deps

[binutils-gdb] Fix for PR gold/19987.

[binutils-gdb] Fix generation of AArhc64 instruction table.

[binutils-gdb] Fix lots of linker testsuite failures for the FT32 target.

[binutils-gdb] Fix non-deterministic behavior when generating MIPS GOT.

[binutils-gdb] Fix powerpc subis range

[binutils-gdb] Fix ppc64le S-record test fail

[binutils-gdb] Fix seg fault objdumping a corrupt binary with an invalid sh_link field.

[binutils-gdb] Fix some AVR test failures.

[binutils-gdb] Fix typo in changelog entry

[binutils-gdb] Fix typo introduced during the most recent synchronization update.

[binutils-gdb] ft32: fixup TARGET_FORMAT

[binutils-gdb] gas/arc: Add guard against operand array overflow.

[binutils-gdb] gas/arc: Fix array overrun when checking opcode array

[binutils-gdb] gas/arc: Make member of arc_flags const

[binutils-gdb] gas/arc: Use BFD_VMA_FMT for printf format specifier

[binutils-gdb] gold/s390: Fix compilation on gcc 4.4

[binutils-gdb] Hack crossref tests for powerpc64

[binutils-gdb] Handle symbols defined/referenced only within IR

[binutils-gdb] ia64: use XOBNEW and XOBNEWVEC

[binutils-gdb] Improve the MSP430 disassembler's handling of memory read errors.

[binutils-gdb] ld --gc-sections fail with __tls_get_addr_opt

[binutils-gdb] ld -z combreloc elf_link_sort_relocs

[binutils-gdb] ld -z combreloc reloc sorting

[binutils-gdb] ld-elf/shared.exp mix_pic_and_non_pic

[binutils-gdb] LD/ELF: Unify STB_GNU_UNIQUE handling

[binutils-gdb] ld/testsuite/ld-elf/flags1.d: Update for `*-*-nacl*' xfail removal

[binutils-gdb] ld/testsuite/ld-elf/flags1.d: Update the xfail list

[binutils-gdb] LD/testsuite: Add STB_GNU_UNIQUE cross-linker test

[binutils-gdb] LD/testsuite: Fix `ft32-*-*' position in `check_shared_lib_support'

[binutils-gdb] m32r: make mach_table static and const

[binutils-gdb] m68hc11: make some vars type bfd_reloc_code_real_type

[binutils-gdb] Make ARMv8-M GAS tests pass on non ELF targets

[binutils-gdb] metag: add extern C to header

[binutils-gdb] metag: make an array's type unsigned char[]

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/BFD: Correctly handle `bfd_reloc_outofrange' with branches

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/BFD: Don't stop processing on `bfd_reloc_outofrange'

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/BFD: Enable local R_MIPS_26 overflow detection

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/BFD: Fix section symbol name fetching in relocation

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/BFD: Include the addend in JALX's target alignment verification

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/BFD: Report `bfd_reloc_outofrange' errors as such

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/BFD: Unify `bfd_reloc_outofrange' error reporting code

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/GAS: Correct tab-after-space formatting mistakes

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/GAS: Cut TLS reloc dead code path in `md_apply_fix'

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/GAS: Treat local jump relocs the same no matter if REL or RELA

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/LD/testsuite: Rename `unaligned-syms' to `unaligned-data'

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/opcodes: Correct mixed MIPS16 and microMIPS disassembly

[binutils-gdb] MIPS/readelf: Use the `d_val' dynamic entry member with the relevant tags

[binutils-gdb] MIPS: Add support for P6600

[binutils-gdb] MIPS: Fix the encoding of immediates with microMIPS JALX

[binutils-gdb] mmix: constify handler_charp

[binutils-gdb] More setting CHECK_RELOCS_AFTER_OPEN_INPUT to yes

[binutils-gdb] objcopy add-symbol uninitialised struct

[binutils-gdb] Only generate VMOV.I64 instructions for loading constant floating point values if this instruction i

[binutils-gdb] oops - fix up changelog entry

[binutils-gdb] oops - omitted from previous delta

[binutils-gdb] opcodes,gas: sparc: fix mnemonic of faligndatai

[binutils-gdb] Pass %E to einfo when bfd_section == NULL

[binutils-gdb] Pass --no-relax to ld in ld-x86-64/pr18591.d

[binutils-gdb] Place progmem data from AVR's libc before other progmem data.

[binutils-gdb] PPC_OPERAND_SIGNOPT range.

[binutils-gdb] PR 10549: MIPS/LD: Handle OSABI setting for STB_GNU_UNIQUE

[binutils-gdb] PR 20059 _bfd_elf_copy_link_hash_symbol_type segfault

[binutils-gdb] Preserve addend for R_386_GOT32 and R_X86_64_GOT32

[binutils-gdb] Prevent a run time segmentation fault when stripping a corrupt binary.

[binutils-gdb] Provide the __bssstart and __bsssize symbols needed by the MSP430's crt0.o code.

[binutils-gdb] Redundant hash table check

[binutils-gdb] Refactor Cortex-A8 erratum workaround in preparation

[binutils-gdb] Regenerate configure

[binutils-gdb] Reimplement .no87/.nommx/.nosse/.noavx directives

[binutils-gdb] Remove redundant sizeof on EXPECTED_VIEW_LENGTH

[binutils-gdb] Remove unsupported `am34-*-linux*' target triplet

[binutils-gdb] Replace CpuAMD64/CpuIntel64 with AMD64/Intel64

[binutils-gdb] Require another match for AVX512VL

[binutils-gdb] Return void from linker callbacks

[binutils-gdb] Revert accidental commit.

[binutils-gdb] rx: make field type enum

[binutils-gdb] rx: make the type of a variable bfd_reloc_code_real_type

[binutils-gdb] Set dynamic tag VMA and size from dynamic section when possible

[binutils-gdb] Set sh_entsize for .init_array and similar.

[binutils-gdb] SH64/GAS: Fix a -Wwrite-strings build failure

[binutils-gdb] Skip an archive element if not added by linker

[binutils-gdb] Skip ELF STT_COMMON linker tests if shared libraries are not supported.

[binutils-gdb] Skip new ARM security extension tests on non-ELF based targets.

[binutils-gdb] spu: make some constants unsigned

[binutils-gdb] stop defining linkrelax in multiple places

[binutils-gdb] Strip global symbol defined in discarded section

[binutils-gdb] Support for dedicated ARM stub section with padding

[binutils-gdb] Support for dedicated output section for some ARM veneer types

[binutils-gdb] Sync config.guess and config.sub with FSF GCC mainline versions

[binutils-gdb] tc-vax.c: make prototype of flonum_gen2vax match its definition

[binutils-gdb] Test load conversion with symbol versioning for x86

[binutils-gdb] tic54x: rename typedef of struct symbol_

[binutils-gdb] tic54x: use concat more

[binutils-gdb] Update pr20068 test to allow for big endian ARM configuration

[binutils-gdb] Update section merge test.

[binutils-gdb] Update x86 CPU_XXX_FLAGS handling

[binutils-gdb] Updated Swedish translation for the binutils.

[binutils-gdb] Updated Swedish translations for bfd and binutils

[binutils-gdb] Use correct regexp syntax in ARM PR20068 test

[binutils-gdb] Use getters/setters to access ARM branch type

[binutils-gdb] use XNEW and related macros more

[binutils-gdb] use xstrdup, xmemdup0 and concat more

[binutils-gdb] V850/BFD: Call `_bfd_elf_copy_private_bfd_data' again

[binutils-gdb] xtensa: make map_suffix_reloc_to_operator return operatorT

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