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[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] [AArch64] Fix branch stubs for BE

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] [AArch64][2.25] Backport support for Cortex-A72

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] [ARM] Backport "Skip private symbol when doing objdump"

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] [ARM][2.25] Backport support for Cortex-A72

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Add extern_protected_data and set it for x86

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Automatic date update in

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Fix build problem introduced by previous delta to coffgrok.c

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Fix gold error: hidden symbol '...' is not defined locally

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Fix ppc32 synthetic symbols when __tls_get_addr_opt stub is generated

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Import fixes for invalid memory access issues in the binutils DWARF parser from the trunk sources.

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Import fixes from mainline sources that address illegal memory access problems with the ELF targeted

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Import fixes from mainline that address illegal memory accesses when working with COFF/PE based file

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Import fixes from trunk sources to correct invalid memory access issues with various binutils progra

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Import patches from the master sources which fix illegal memory accesses found by running the binuti

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Import security fixes for readelf from the master branch:

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Limit multi-byte nop instructions to 10 bytes

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] PowerPC64 GOLD: complain on misaligned _DS relocs

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] PowerPC64 thread-safe stubs not needed for iplt

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] S/390: Disable relocation sort against code sections.

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Tweak ppc32 tls_get_addr optimisation

[binutils-gdb/binutils-2_25-branch] Use dynamic text relocs for protected vars

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.9-branch] Automatic date update in

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Adjust layout emultempl/aarch64elf.em.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Adjust layout of elfNN_aarch64_write_section.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Adjust veneer count.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Call abort() consistently in unhandled stub switch statements.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Don't tail-pads sections to the alignment

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Don't warn on XZR/SP overlapping when it's in load/store

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Drop unused argument to elf_aarch64_create_or_find_stub_sec

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Factor out _bfd_aarch64_get_stub_for_link_section.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Factor out _bfd_aarch64_resize_stubs()

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Factor out common behaviour between elf_aarch64_create_or_find_stub_sec and elfNN_aarch64_

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Factor stub creation code into _bfd_aarch64_create_stub_section.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Fix branch stubs for BE

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Flip sense of erratum_835769_scan.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Implement branch over stub section.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Refactor generation of 835769 workaround stubs.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Refactor section_group[] representation.

[binutils-gdb] [AARCH64] Remove Load/Store register (unscaled immediate) alias.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Remove padding before stub sections.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Remove unused variable.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Removing unused functions.

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Set the minimum alignment on code segments

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Tidy up in aarch64_mem_op_p().

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Use _bfd_aarch64_add_stub_entry_in_group.

[binutils-gdb] [AARCH64]Fix "align directive causes MAP_DATA symbol to be lost"

[binutils-gdb] [ARM] PR ld/16572: Remove EF_ARM_HASENTRY flag

[binutils-gdb] [ARM] Skip private symbol when doing objdump

[binutils-gdb] [ARM]Fix "align directive causes MAP_DATA symbol to be lost"

[binutils-gdb] [OBV] Fix build -- missing ';'

[binutils-gdb] [Patch ]Fix bintest.s failure after previous AArch64 map symbol commit

[binutils-gdb] Add a testcase for PR gas/18087


[binutils-gdb] Add extern_protected_data and set it for x86

[binutils-gdb] Add i6400 entry to the MIPS CPU table.

[binutils-gdb] Add support for G13 and G14 flag bits in RL78 ELF binaries.

[binutils-gdb] Add support for MIPS R6 evp and dvp instructions.

[binutils-gdb] Add znver1 processor

[binutils-gdb] Adding Changelog for previous commit.

[binutils-gdb] Allow MOVK for R_AARCH64_TLSLE_MOVW_TPREL_G{0,1}NC

[binutils-gdb] Allows the binutils to cope with PE binaries where the section addresses have been changed, but the

[binutils-gdb] Append -g -Os rather than overwriting

[binutils-gdb] Automatic date update in

[binutils-gdb] Avoid looking up Input_merge_map multiple times.

[binutils-gdb] Correct -z nocopyreloc doc

[binutils-gdb] Deleted branch palves/cxx-conversion-attempt

[binutils-gdb] Deleted branch remotes/upstream/users/palves/gnulib-update

[binutils-gdb] Deleted branch upstream/users/palves/gnulib-update

[binutils-gdb] Disable all target libraries if not building gcc

[binutils-gdb] Don't reset CXXFLAGS_FOR_TARGET

[binutils-gdb] Don't write the zlib header if not used

[binutils-gdb] Exclude target-zlib if target-libjava isn't built

[binutils-gdb] Extend arm_feature_set struct to provide more bits

[binutils-gdb] Extend description of --add-gnu-debuglink option to explain why the file must exist.

[binutils-gdb] Factor out _bfd_aarch64_erratum_835769_stub_name

[binutils-gdb] Fix a potentially undefined right shift by replacing it with two smaller right shifts.

[binutils-gdb] Fix a race condition when setting default target for ARM targets.

[binutils-gdb] Fix an internal error in do_print_to_mapfile on Arm.

[binutils-gdb] Fix an undefined 32-bit right shift by replacing it with two 16-bit right shifts.

[binutils-gdb] Fix bug when optimizing string pools of aligned strings.

[binutils-gdb] Fix building and testing dwarf debug section compression feature when zlib is not available.

[binutils-gdb] Fix crash when processing merge section with entsize of 0.

[binutils-gdb] Fix debug section compression so that it is only performed if it would make the section smaller.

[binutils-gdb] Fix elf64-ppc.c electric fence warning

[binutils-gdb] Fix failure in exception_static_test.

[binutils-gdb] Fix gold incremental test failures.

[binutils-gdb] Fix internal error in do_relocate_sections when using plugins.

[binutils-gdb] Fix internal error with -z relro when .tbss is last relro section.

[binutils-gdb] Fix powerpc gas abort on invalid instruction fixups

[binutils-gdb] Fix ppc32 synthetic symbols when __tls_get_addr_opt stub is generated

[binutils-gdb] Fix support for i386 TLS GD-to-IE optimization.

[binutils-gdb] Fixes "readelf -s --wide" not returning an error status or help message.

[binutils-gdb] Fixes a bug building the ARM Linux kernel with a toolchain compiled with CPU_DEFAULT set.

[binutils-gdb] Fixes a bug in the ARM port of GAS when parsing inverted register lists.

[binutils-gdb] Fixes a bug introduced by the new ranges checks on COFF symbol tables.

[binutils-gdb] Fixes a problem generating relocs for import libraries created by Microsoft tools for the x85_64 arc

[binutils-gdb] Fixes a problem generating relocs for thumb function calls to local symbols defined in other section

[binutils-gdb] Fixes a problem with objcopy leaving temporary files and directories around if it encounters a probl

[binutils-gdb] Fixes a problem with the RX port trying to perform linker relaxation when -no-keep-memory has been e

[binutils-gdb] Fixes a thinko in the implementation of the V850 -m8byte-align and -m4byte-align command line option

[binutils-gdb] Fixes PR 17994 - which reported that dlltool was not deleting temporary files if it encounters a fat

[binutils-gdb] Fixup previous changelog entry.

[binutils-gdb] Garbage collecting debug sections

[binutils-gdb] Import zlib from GCC

[binutils-gdb] Limit multi-byte nop instructions to 10 bytes

[binutils-gdb] Make bfd_compress_section_contents static

[binutils-gdb] Make powerpc bfd ld reloc overflow vs undefined symbols match gold

[binutils-gdb] MIPS: Fix constraint issues with the R6 beqc and bnec instructions

[binutils-gdb] Move nothing to do warning to main

[binutils-gdb] powerpc: Add slbfee. instruction

[binutils-gdb] powerpc: Only initialise opcode indices once

[binutils-gdb] PR gold/18048: Fix INCLUDE directive support for gold

[binutils-gdb] PR18147, relocation overflow when --unresolved-symbols=ignore-all

[binutils-gdb] Relax PR 15228 protected visibility restriction

[binutils-gdb] Remove cloog.m4

[binutils-gdb] Remove dead code.

[binutils-gdb] Remove empty class Merge_map.

[binutils-gdb] Remove is_merge_section_for.

[binutils-gdb] Remove the unused cpu_flags_set

[binutils-gdb] Remove typename on elfcpp::Elf_types<size>::Elf_Addr

[binutils-gdb] Removes a #if 1 ... #endif accidentally left in the source code.

[binutils-gdb] Revert "Disable all target libraries if not building gcc"

[binutils-gdb] RL78 - fix ADDR16 relax

[binutils-gdb] Run objcopy --update-section test only on ELF targets

[binutils-gdb] S/390: Add check for length field operand

[binutils-gdb] S/390: Add more IBM z13 instructions

[binutils-gdb] S/390: Disable relocation sort against code sections.

[binutils-gdb] S390: Place "s390:31-bit" after default arch in 64-bit arch list

[binutils-gdb] sim: dv-sockser: push module init prototype down

[binutils-gdb] Skip gc-sections if relocation is incompatible

[binutils-gdb] Support compressed debug sections in dynamic object files.

[binutils-gdb] Sync with GCC tree

[binutils-gdb] Sync with GCC trunk

[binutils-gdb] Sync elf.m4 with GCC tree

[binutils-gdb] Sync isl.m4 with GCC tree

[binutils-gdb] Update top-level files from GCC trunk

[binutils-gdb] Use %F instead of %X for einfo

src/include ChangeLog ansidecl.h dwarf2.h floa ...

src/include ChangeLog partition.h

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