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src gas/ChangeLog gas/config/tc-i386.c gas/tes ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2013-01-17 04:28:50

Modified files:
	gas            : ChangeLog 
	gas/config     : tc-i386.c 
	gas/testsuite  : ChangeLog 
	gas/testsuite/gas/i386: i386.exp 
	ld/testsuite   : ChangeLog 
Added files:
	gas/testsuite/gas/i386: size-1.d size-1.s size-2.d size-2.s 
	                        size-3.d size-3.s size-4.d size-4.s 
	                        x86-64-size-1.d x86-64-size-2.d 
	                        x86-64-size-3.d x86-64-size-4.d 
	                        x86-64-size-5.d x86-64-size-5.s 
	gas/testsuite/gas/i386/ilp32: x86-64-size-1.d x86-64-size-2.d 
	                              x86-64-size-3.d x86-64-size-4.d 
	ld/testsuite/ld-size: size-3.c size-3.out size-3a.c size-3b.c 
	                      size-3c.c size-4.out size-4a.c size-4b.c 
	                      size-5.out size-5a.c size-5b.c size-6.out 
	                      size-6a.c size-6b.c size-7.rd size-7a.c 
	                      size-7b.c size-8.rd size-8a.c size-8b.c 
	                      size.exp size32-1-i386.d size32-1-x32.d 
	                      size32-1-x86-64.d size32-1.s 
	                      size32-2-i386.d size32-2-x32.d 
	                      size32-2-x86-64.d size32-2.s 
	                      size64-1-x32.d size64-1-x86-64.d 
	                      size64-1.s size64-2-x32.d 
	                      size64-2-x86-64.d size64-2.s 

Log message:
	Add x86 size relocation support to gas
	* config/tc-i386.c (reloc): Support BFD_RELOC_SIZE32.
	(tc_i386_fix_adjustable): Keep symbol for BFD_RELOC_32_SIZE and
	BFD_RELOC_64_SIZE relocations.
	(lex_got): Support "symbol@SIZE" and don't create GOT symbol
	for it.
	(tc_gen_reloc): Resolve BFD_RELOC_SIZE32 and BFD_RELOC_SIZE64
	relocations against local symbols.
	* gas/i386/i386.exp: Run size-1, size-2, size-3, size-4,
	x86-64-size-1, x86-64-size-2, x86-64-size-3, x86-64-size-4,
	x86-64-size-5 and x86-64-size-inval-1.
	* gas/i386/size-1.d: New file.
	* gas/i386/size-1.s: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/size-2.d: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/size-2.s: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/size-3.d: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/size-3.s: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/size-4.d: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/size-4.s: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/x86-64-size-1.d: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/x86-64-size-2.d: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/x86-64-size-3.d: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/x86-64-size-4.d: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/x86-64-size-5.d: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/x86-64-size-5.s: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/x86-64-size-inval-1.l: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/x86-64-size-inval-1.s: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/ilp32/x86-64-size-1.d: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/ilp32/x86-64-size-2.d: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/ilp32/x86-64-size-3.d: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/ilp32/x86-64-size-4.d: Likewise.
	* gas/i386/ilp32/x86-64-size-5.d: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size.exp: New file.
	* ld-size/size32-1-i386.d: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size32-1-x32.d: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size32-1-x86-64.d: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size32-1.s: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size32-2-i386.d: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size32-2-x32.d: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size32-2-x86-64.d: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size32-2.s: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size64-1-x32.d: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size64-1-x86-64.d: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size64-1.s: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size64-2-x32.d: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size64-2-x86-64.d: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size64-2.s: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-3.c: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-3.out: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-3a.c: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-3b.c: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-3c.c: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-4.out: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-4a.c: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-4b.c: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-5.out: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-5a.c: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-5b.c: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-6.out: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-6a.c: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-6b.c: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-7.rd: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-7a.c: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-7b.c: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-8.rd: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-8a.c: Likewise.
	* ld-size/size-8b.c: Likewise.


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