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src/include/vms ChangeLog dst.h eeom.h egps.h ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2010-03-31 07:35:54

Modified files:
	include/vms    : ChangeLog dst.h eeom.h egps.h egsd.h egsy.h 
	                 eiaf.h eiha.h eihd.h eihs.h eihvn.h eisd.h 
	                 emh.h esdf.h esrf.h shl.h 
Added files:
	include/vms    : dcx.h dsc.h esdfm.h esdfv.h internal.h lbr.h 

Log message:
	2010-03-31  Tristan Gingold  <>
	* dcx.h: New file.
	* dsc.h: New file.
	* esdfm.h: New file.
	* esdfv.h: New file.
	* internal.h: New file.
	* lbr.h: New file.
	* prt.h: New file.
	* shl.h (struct vms_shl): Add comments.
	* esrf.h (ESRF__B_NAMLNG): New macro.
	* esdf.h (ESDF__B_NAMLNG): New macro.
	* emh.h: Add macros for fields maximum value.
	* eisd.h (EISD__M_PROTECT): Fix typo in comment.
	Add macros for offsets, version, section type and match control.
	Merge vms_eisd_ext into vms_eisd.
	* eihs.h: Remove blank line.
	* eihd.h (struct vms_eihd): Add comments, add image subtype names.
	* eiha.h (struct vms_eiha): Add inishr and inishr_h fields.
	* eiaf.h (struct vms_eiaf): Fix base_va size.
	* egsy.h: Add comments.
	* egsd.h: Remove blank line.
	* egps.h: Add flag names.
	* eeom.h (EEOM__M_WKTFR): Added.
	* dst.h (DST__K_CXX): Added, and reident languages.
	Indent and order pcline commands.
	Add record begin/end, enumerations, type specification, value
	specification, label, discontinue range definitions.


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