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src/gold ChangeLog testsuite/Makefile.a ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2010-03-22 22:48:06

Modified files:
	gold           : ChangeLog 
	gold/testsuite : 
Added files:
	gold/testsuite : thumb_blx_in_range.s thumb_blx_out_of_range.s 

Log message:
	2010-03-22  Doug Kwan  <>
	* (Arm_relocate_functions::abs8,
	Arm_relocate_functions::abs16): Use correct check for overflow
	specified in the ARM ELF specs.
	(Arm_relocate_functions): thumb_branch_common.  Handle bit 1 of branch
	target of a BLX instruction specially.
	(Reloc_stub::stub_type_for_reloc): Ditto.
	(Relocate::relocate): Use symbolic names instead of numeric relocation
	codes to report error.
	(Target_arm::do_relox): Reduce default stub-group size for Cortex-A8
	* testsuite/ (check_DATA): add thumb_blx_in_range.stdout,
	thumb_blx_out_of_range.stdout, thumb2_blx_in_range.stdout and
	(thumb_bl_out_of_range, thumb_bl_out_of_range.o,
	thumb2_bl_out_of_range, thumb2_bl_out_of_range.o): Fix dependenices.
	(thumb_blx_in_range.stdout, thumb_blx_in_range, thumb_blx_in_range.o,
	thumb_blx_out_of_range.stdout, thumb_blx_out_of_range,
	thumb_blx_out_of_range.o, thumb2_blx_in_range.stdout,
	thumb2_blx_in_range, thumb2_blx_in_range.o,
	thumb2_blx_out_of_range.stdout, thumb2_blx_out_of_range,
	thumb2_blx_out_of_range.o): New rules.
	(MOSTLYCLEANFILES): Add thumb_blx_in_range, thumb_blx_out_of_range,
	thumb2_blx_in_range and	thumb2_blx_out_of_range.
	* testsuite/ Regenerate.
	* Add tests for THUMB BLX.
	* testsuite/thumb_blx_in_range.s: New file.
	* testsuite/thumb_blx_out_of_range.s: New file.


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