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src/gold ChangeLog output. ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2008-08-13 07:37:46

Modified files:
	gold           : ChangeLog output.h 
	                 script-c.h script-sections.h 
	        script.h yyscript.y 
	gold/testsuite : 
Added files:
	gold/testsuite : relro_script_test.t 

Log message:
	* (Layout::attach_allocated_section_to_segment): Don't
	set tls_segment_ or relro_segment_.
	(Layout::make_output_segment): Set tls_segment_ and relro_segment_
	when appropriate.
	* output.h (Output_section::clear_is_relro): New function.
	* (Output_segment::add_output_section): Handle SHF_TLS
	sections specially even when output_data_ is empty.
	(Output_segment::maximum_alignment): When first section is relro,
	only force alignment for PT_LOAD segments.
	* (script_data_segment_align): New function.
	(script_data_segment_relro_end): New function.
	* script-c.h (script_data_segment_align): Declare.
	(script_data_segment_relro_end): Declare.
	* script-sections.h (class Script_sections): Declare
	data_segment_align and data_segment_relro_end.  Add fields
	segment_align_index_ and saw_relro_end_.
	* (class Sections_element): Add set_is_relro
	virtual function.  Add new bool* parameter to place_orphan_here.
	Add get_output_section virtual function.
	(class Output_section_definition): Add set_is_relro.  Add new
	bool* parameter to place_orphan_here.  Add get_output_section.
	Add is_relro_ field.
	(Output_section_definition::Output_section_definition): Initialize
	evaluated_address_, evaluated_load_address, evaluated_addralign_,
	and is_relro_ fields.
	(Output_section_definition::place_orphan_here): Add is_relro
	(Output_section_definition::set_section_addresses): Set relro for
	output section.
	(Output_section_definition::alternate_constraint): Likewise.
	(class Orphan_output_section): Add new bool* parameter to
	place_orphan_here.  Add get_output_section.
	(Orphan_output_section::place_orphan_here): Add is_relro
	(Script_sections::Script_sections): Initialize
	data_segment_align_index_ and saw_relro_end_.
	(Script_sections::data_segment_align): New function.
	(Script_sections::data_segment_relro_end): New function.
	(Script_sections::place_orphan): Set or clear is_relro.
	(Script_sections::set_section_addresses): Force alignment of first
	TLS section.
	* yyscript.y (exp): Call script_data_segment_align and
	* testsuite/relro_script_test.t: New file.
	* testsuite/ (using_script): Declare.
	(t1, t2): Test using_script.
	* testsuite/ (check_PROGRAMS): Add relro_script_test.
	(relro_script_test_SOURCES): Define.
	(relro_script_test_DEPENDENCIES): Define.
	(relro_script_test_LDFLAGS): Define.
	(relro_script_test_LDADD): Define.
	( New target.
	* testsuite/ Rebuild.


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