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src/ld/testsuite ChangeLog ld-elfweak/dsodata. ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Branch: 	binutils-2_12-branch
Changes by:	2002-04-27 05:47:48

Modified files:
	ld/testsuite   : ChangeLog 
	ld/testsuite/ld-elfweak: dsodata.dsym strongdata.sym 
	ld/testsuite/ld-mmix: bpo-1.d bpo-10.d bpo-11.d bpo-14.d 
	                      bpo-16.d bpo-17.d bpo-18.d bpo-19.d 
	                      bpo-2.d bpo-3.d bpo-4.d bpo-5.d bpo-6.d 
	                      bpo-9.d bspec1.d bspec2.d greg-1.d 
	                      greg-19.d greg-2.d greg-3.d greg-4.d 
	                      greg-5.d greg-6.d greg-7.d loc1.d loc2.d 
	                      loc3.d loc4.d loc6.d local1.d local3.d 
	                      local5.d local7.d locdo-1.d loct-1.d 
	                      locto-1.d start-1.d undef-3.d 

Log message:
	Merge from mainline
	2002-03-19  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>
	* ld-mmix/bpo-1.d: Tweak for type of linker-script-symbols no
	longer set to object.
	* ld-mmix/undef-3.d, ld-mmix/start-1.d, ld-mmix/locto-1.d,
	ld-mmix/loct-1.d, ld-mmix/locdo-1.d, ld-mmix/local7.d,
	ld-mmix/local5.d, ld-mmix/local3.d, ld-mmix/local1.d,
	ld-mmix/loc6.d, ld-mmix/loc4.d, ld-mmix/loc3.d, ld-mmix/loc2.d,
	ld-mmix/loc1.d, ld-mmix/greg-7.d, ld-mmix/greg-6.d,
	ld-mmix/greg-5.d, ld-mmix/greg-4.d, ld-mmix/greg-3.d,
	ld-mmix/greg-2.d, ld-mmix/greg-19.d, ld-mmix/greg-1.d,
	ld-mmix/bspec2.d, ld-mmix/bspec1.d, ld-mmix/bpo-9.d,
	ld-mmix/bpo-6.d, ld-mmix/bpo-5.d, ld-mmix/bpo-4.d,
	ld-mmix/bpo-3.d, ld-mmix/bpo-2.d, ld-mmix/bpo-19.d,
	ld-mmix/bpo-18.d, ld-mmix/bpo-17.d, ld-mmix/bpo-16.d,
	ld-mmix/bpo-14.d, ld-mmix/bpo-11.d, ld-mmix/bpo-10.d: Ditto.
	2002-03-11  Andreas Jaeger  <>
	* ld-elfweak/strongdata.sym: Allow bss section for GCC 3.2 that
	places zero initialized data in the bss.
	* ld-elfweak/lddsodata.dsym: Likewise.


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