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Re: ptrace improvement ideas

On 02/03, Roland McGrath wrote:
> I don't want to propose any specific changes to the kernel community
> off the cuff.  We need to work out details with GDB hackers so that we
> have things that really improve life in GDB, and that GDB hackers will
> really make use of quite soon.  It's worse than nothing to add or
> change things in the kernel interfaces before GDB folks are ready to
> really work on using them, so that we can be quite sure that the
> details and corner cases are thoroughly-specified and done so in ways
> that really work well for GDB in practice.


Right now I have nothing to add ;) I'll try to think more, but every
proposal looks as "obviously makes sense" to me. However, I do not
know what is useful for GDB.

Only one note,


require the stopped tracee.

I was really amazed when I looked into strace sources. The code
which handles detach is soooooo complicated (and I do not blame
strace). But, again, I do not know if this makes sense for GDB.


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