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Re: PR 11067

On 02/04/10 18:53, Tom Tromey wrote:
Chris>  Just FYI, this patch breaks a handful of existing tests:
Chris>     gdb.base/setvar.exp
Chris>     gdb.cp/classes.exp
Chris>     gdb.cp/m-data.exp
Chris>     gdb.cp/m-static.exp
Chris>     cp/namespace.exp
Chris>     gdb.mi/mi-var-display.exp
Chris>     gdb.python/py-value.exp


Chris>  None of them are hard to fix in the expects--I just wanted The World
Chris>  to realise that there are going to be noticeable consequences to this
Chris>  fairly minor nicety.  It'll take me a bit to fix the t/cs--if The
Chris>  Powers That Be would rather this patch not proceed, I'd appreciate it
Chris>  if you'd let me know sooner rather than later and spare me all the
Chris>  fix-up work.

Usually you just have to do it and see what happens.  Even if we all
agree on a format here, someone else might disagree on gdb-patches, or
they might think of some new reason for it to be different.

I, personally, want some form of this change, because every time I type
"p FOO" and get "$1 = FOO", I think, grrr, gdb could have told me what I
really wanted to know. If enough people dislike it we can always add
'set print blah blah'.

Based on what people were saying yesterday, I thought I'd go with

$1 = Val1=(enum E)56

It looks like a legitimate C expression. Lacking spaces, it's cohesive, and it's easily understood to present the same information in multiple formats.


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