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Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NabigailToplevel namespace for libabigail
 NabixmlThe namespace for the native XML file format reader
 NcomparisonUtilities to compare abi artifacts
 NctfThe namespace for the CTF reader
 Ndiff_utilsLibabigail's core diffing algorithms
 NdwarfThe namespace for the DWARF reader
 NelfThe namespace for the ELF Reader
 NhashingNamespace for hashing
 NiniNamespace for handling ini-style files
 NirThe namespace of the internal representation of ABI artifacts like types and decls
 NregexNamespace for regex types and functions
 Nsptr_utilsNamespace for the utilities to wrap C types into std::shared_ptr
 NsupprEngine to suppress the parts of the result of comparing two sets of ABI artifacts
 Ntools_utilsNamespace for a set of utility function used by tools based on libabigail
 NworkersThe namespace of the worker threads (or thread pool) implementation of libabigail. This was modelled after the article
 NxmlInternal namespace for xml manipulation utilities
 Nxml_writerThe namespace for the native XML file format writer
 CconfigThis type abstracts the configuration information of the library
 Celf_based_readerThe common interface of readers based on ELF
 Cfe_ifaceThe base class of all libabigail front-ends: The Front End Interface
 Chash_interned_stringA functor to hash instances of interned_string
 Cinterned_stringThe abstraction of an interned string
 Cinterned_string_poolThe interned string pool
 Cnode_baseBase class for graph nodes
 CstyleDatum consolidating style preferences