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JFFS was merged into the Linux kernel prior to the 2.4.0 release. The current JFFS2 code is also, at the time of writing, in Alan Cox's 2.4-ac kernels. The latest code for the 2.4 version of each, and for the 2.2 version of JFFS v1, is available from the Linux-MTD CVS repository. Instructions for accessing this, along with links to snapshot tarballs for the firewall-challenged, are available from:

The original web site for JFFS and the current code for the 2.0 kernels, along with a link to the jffs-dev mailing list which is used for discussion of both JFFS and JFFS2, is at:

At the time of writing, a web site specific to JFFS2 is intended to appear ``shortly'' at:

David Woodhouse 2001-10-10