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Modified: 2000/08/19 14:20:53
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To compile Inti, you may want to get the unstable snapshot from the FTP site. Right now it requires the GTK 1.3.2 preview release. I wouldn't recommend trying to compile the CVS version; it requires a development version of GTK+, and the exact version it requires changes frequently.

Downloading Inti


Inti ftp directory (currently contains only unstable snapshots).

Development versions:

These are unstable and unsupported snapshots!

  • CVS: Check out read-only copies from the Inti CVS repository with commands like these:
    cvs -z9 -d login
    {enter "anoncvs" as the password}
    cvs -z9 -d co inti
    Available modules: htdocs (this web site) and inti (Inti)

  • WWW: Browse the current CVS repository files over the web by the CVSweb interface.

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