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What is Tclish?

Tclish is a highly configurable installer that can be customized to install just about any application.

For more detailed information, view the Tclish User's Guide.

How do I get it?

There are a couple of different ways to download tclish. The boring way is to download the source code from sourceforge, here.

However, it seems to me that any install package worth its salt should not need to be installed from tar files; so better yet, download the prebuilt tclish binary appropriate for your platform, from the Sourceforge project page, and run it. These precompiled binaries can be configured to install your application, but in absence of that configuration, they will do a web-based install of tclish itself. That will let you install the source as well as other binaries you might want.

(Tclish doesn't require any other packages, provided you get the prebuilt "install" binaries, with the exception of windows where you will need to somehow generate self-extracting executables for your packages; however you may find it useful to use the freewrap package to generate install binaries that have a built-in configuration, in which case you'll need freewrap. Freewrap binaries may be installed using the unconfigured install binary.)