For string functions we use following benchmark system:

Running benchmark



A progress can be viewed in function.html file in html directory.

Benchmark parameters

Parameters can be edited in benchmark file. Each test is done by standalone program.

Typically in visualization vertical axis mirrors benchmark file while horizontal corresponds to string size.

For example simple strstr benchmark file consist of:

try random  $N 10
try random  $N 20
try aaab    $N 10

Which generates table obtained from calls.

./random 1 10

./random 10 10

./random 100 10

./random 1 20

./random 10 20

./random 100 20

./aaab 1 10

./aaab 10 10

./aaab 100 10

Test can be ran standalone as

  LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./test arguments

Adding benchmark

Almost any program can be turned into benchmark if you follow simple rule.

Adding variant of function

Adding variant is simple. Create file function_variant.c that implements a function and can be compiled standalone. You must use name function2 instead function.

Data and visualization

A benchmark results are saved in data directory in gnuplot format. A data file consist of two space separated collumns where first is test size and second result.

From data graphs are generated and can be viewed in html directory.

TODO wildcards to show queries

A tester prints results of functions to output file and all implementations should produce same output. When they dont diff is printed.

Specific functions

benchmarking/strstr temporary page with results

benchmarking/strcasestr same benchmark

benchmarking/strmemmem same benchmark

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