Regenerating and updating upstream files

Some files checked in to the glibc repository are not maintained directly as source code in glibc. These are files imported verbatim from elsewhere, or generated files where we don't require the generator (for example, Autoconf for regenerating configure scripts) or its run-time dependencies (for example, Perl for regenerating C-translit.h) to be available when building glibc, or when regeneration of such a file is unusually slow. There are no files in glibc-ports that are imported verbatim from elsewhere; glibc-ports contains generated configure scripts, ABI baselines and libm-test-ulps files.

Math files

See the Math section of the manual for some background details.


This base line file can be semi-automatically updated. You can do either of the following:

In either case, you will need to watch out for:

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