Port Status

This page lists issues for which some ports need updating to take account of global changes to glibc or features initially implemented only for some ports. Each issue should list the ports for which it's relevant. When making a change needing port updates, please add details to this page. When fixing an issue for a port, please remove the port from the list of those to which the issue applies (and remove the issue from the page if it was the last port affected).

This is in addition to any port-specific issues that may be filed in Bugzilla, or that may show up through testsuite failures (it's generally a good idea to file such issues in Bugzilla, if they appear to indicate port bugs and you aren't immediately fixing them).

Generally, libm-test-ulps should be regenerated from scratch for each architecture for each release, but this is not mentioned on this page.

ABI test baselines

Needed for: Hurd.

ABI test baselines should be checked against binaries of as many past releases as possible rather than presuming no ABI bugs have crept in while the ABI was not being tested.


Needed for: Hurd.


Needed for: hppa.

Soft-float fma / fmaf

Needed for: soft-float coldfire, microblaze.

Correct fma and fmaf on systems without support for FE_TOWARDZERO and FE_INEXACT requires the soft-fp implementations of those functions to be used. Bug 13304.

bits/mman.h using mman-linux.h

Needed for: hppa.

For GNU/Linux, bits/mman.h should use bits/mman-linux.h to define architecture-independent values and only define things itself where architecture-dependent (if needed, make more definitions in bits/mman-linux.h support the values being architecture-specific). For hppa, doing this should fix the missing definitions of MADV_HUGEPAGE, MADV_NOHUGEPAGE, MADV_DONTDUMP, MADV_DODUMP and MADV_HWPOISON.

Add lll_futex_timed_wait_bitset

Needed for: hppa.


Needed for: alpha (this is an alpha-specific macro, obsolete given current minimum kernel version requirements).

Issues specific to hppa

The following issues are ones for which only hppa has not been updated.

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