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    * Investigate vrange support http://sourceware.org/ml/libc-alpha/2013-04/msg00414.html

Enhancing malloc

Carlos O'Donell:

  • Accepted consensus on open source benchmarks to use for validating allocator changes.
  • Stable API that allows interaction with allocator running in an application. This can be used by debuggers, audit libraries etc.
  • Application hook to control arena creation.: Can use allocator API and application specific information to make decisions.
  • Systemtap probes: Figure out additional probes and also characterize what we want to measure using the current probes
  • Investigate vrange support http://sourceware.org/ml/libc-alpha/2013-04/msg00414.html

Ryan Arnold:

  • Take another look at the mallopt tunables and environment variables to ensure that they're honored in all valid cases.

Chris Metcalf:

  • Hooks to allow arenas to be created using huge pages (either default size or particular sizes)
  • Hook to allow application to do "something" to mmap'ed memory when it's fresh from the system - e.g. mbind(), or e.g. for the tile architecture we have some cachebinding magic we can optionally do for performance on newly-mmap'ed regions
  • Controlled way to force allocation of memory up front like mmap(MAP_POPULATE) so that if requested, errors are always detected as NULL returns from malloc() rather than potentially as fatal signals delivered by the kernel on out-of-memory
  • Hook to request MAP_SHARED for allocated anonymous memory so forked processes can share an arena (with inter-process mutex locking, like it currently does for pthreads)

Ondrej Bilka:

  • Use pools for sizes < 64

  • Use thread cache to avoid atomic operations when possible.
    • see kam.mff.cuni.cz/~ondra/small_malloc.c for draft.
  • Detect fork to avoid copy on write of free pages


  • Throttle number of arenas based on process rlimit on process startup and/or everytime RLIMIT_AS is modified.

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