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 * Major interest in bug reports/fixes
 * Major interest in bug reports/fixes among users present at the BoF
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Cauldron 2013 BoF minutes

  • Major interest in bug reports/fixes among users present at the BoF
  • Bug reports/triage
    • Need volunteers
    • Create sourceware bug reports for distribution bugs whenever necessary
    • Lot of backlog of old bugs that have since been abandoned
  • Release process is getting on track
  • Getting everyone synced on release
    • Roland: Come towards a process that is synced up with distribution releases/schedules
    • Involve distribution maintainers in the process
  • Distribution branches upstream:
    • Revive release branches for distribution maintainers upstream
    • Extensively document divergence via bug reports, patch comments, etc.
  • Performance microbenchmark
    • malloc
      • Need to come up with a good way to benchmark it
      • Reach out to Linaro about the malloc benchmark
      • Separate microbenchmarks from whole system benchmarks
      • Have whole system benchmarking as part of glibc?
    • Get vendor input on benchmarks and inputs
  • Multiple libm function implementations
    • Multiple libraries?
    • Code size is a problem, but can be solved in multiple ways, including configuration options
  • Testing
    • Virtual machines for network testing or other types of tests
    • Improve testing in general
    • cross-testing necessary but no one has come up to do it
  • C Library Tunables
    • Reassess current constants to reflect current state of hardware/use cases
    • Collate current tuning parameters/state under a single framework
    • Start with a global context, but make the design flexible enough to allow for finer grained contexts
    • Administrative control on tunables
    • More care needs to be taken on addition of environment variables for tunables
  • Hardware enablement with new API
    • API to enable hardware features not a good idea
    • Tunables knob for administrators
    • Hinting interface for developers

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