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= Carlos O'Donell's Wishlist =

I'm a libc-ports maintainer for the hppa-linux target. The following is my wishlist for the glibc project.

 * Migrate all tests to use the top-level test-skeleton.c

   * Add a TEST_DIRECT so that tests which test fork are not forked by test-skeleton.c.

 * If all targets include a generic x86 version of the file, move that file into generic (since it is) and delete all target versions of the file.

 * Review patches going into EGLIBC for things that have value to GLIBC.

 * Document how to debug your application from dynamic loader all the way to the application main.

   * Start by debugging the dynamic linker.

   * Progress to loading the symbol file for your application at the correct offset.

 * Update wiki:

   * Include "What do I need to file a locale change?"

 * Create a glibc internals manual seperate from the user manual

   * Internals manual will cover makefile targets and porting.

   * Move appending porting info from user manual to internals manual.

 * Document NPTL/pthreads in glibc manual.

   * We should document our own implementation.

   * Coordinate with linux man pages project.