This project has been completed and all the code committed. The text below is preserved for reference only:

Value Based Unwinder

The frame interface has been changed incompatibly after GDB 6.8. Each architecture needs to be updated.

Conversion Tips

Converting an architecture should not take more than a few hours.

More conversion details from the gdb list archives.

In most cases searching for next_frame turns up everywhere that you need to change - that is easier than the method described in the conversion details. Please be sure to rename every inappropriate next_frame to this_frame during the conversion process.

Still Unconverted

These are the unconverted architectures. If you are going to work on one, please put your name next to it so that no one duplicates your work. Any that are still unconverted just before the next release branch of GDB will be mechanically converted without testing (by Daniel Jacobowitz); so if you want one tested during the update, please volunteer!

All users of tramp-frame.h have been updated even within otherwise unconverted targets.

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