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* [[https://www.gnu.org/prep/maintain/][GNU Maintainers Guide]]

Reference Material

You'll find reference documentation in the GDB Documentation page in the main GDB website. This page collects additional documentation.

1. GNU/sim

* Why Simulation Sucks, written by Michael Frysinger and Robin Getz. A paper on the topic of simulation with a GNU/sim focus. Presented at OSL.

* A Tale of Two Sims, a presentation at LSM by Michael Frysinger, breaking down his experience between QEMU & the GNU/sim and some of the trade-offs.

2. GDB Porting

* Port GDB To A New Processor Architecture: TI C6X, a presentation at GNU Tools Cauldron 2013 by Yao Qi. It is about the recommended steps for GDB porting. Video is here.

3. Other Docs

* ptrace man page

* DWARF Standards

* https://www.gnu.org/prep/maintain/][GNU Maintainers Guide

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