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[DIFF] 09:48 Info PedroAlves Drop reference to gdb/CONTRIBUTE
[DIFF] 06:32 Info JohnBaldwin [1-5]
JohnBaldwin [6]
#01 Update Solaris triplets based on obsolete triplets in configure.host.
#02 Update entries after reviewing configure.host.
#03 Add/update entries for targets handled by gdbserver's configure.srv.
#04 Add/update entries for targets that set build_gdbserver=yes.
#05 Move remaining entries from the GDB server table into the main table.
#06 First pass at updating the original hosts table to be a combined table.
[DIFF] 17:00 Info JohnBaldwin Adding 8.2 and 8.3
[DIFF] 04:37 Info brobecke Add JohnBaldwin
[DIFF] 17:25 Info SimonMarchi
[DIFF] 16:22 Info DomQ [1-7] #01 Link to gdb bug #22960
#02 Final touch-up
#03 Mojave === 10.14
#04 unrecommended → discouraged
#05 Additional checks, beefed up Troubleshooting § with instructions to use {{{log}}}
#06 Add --entitlements documentation, and a step-by-step checklist
#07 Excerpted from BuildingOnDarwin; added roadmap table and control steps
[DIFF] 15:59 Info DomQ [1-2] #01 Remove all PermissionsDarwin subject matter and link there
#02 Mention the need for entitlement plist file (proposed in XML format)
[DIFF] 21:17 Info TomTromey [1-3] #01 really remove color to-do
#02 Revert to revision 84. bug in earlier change
#03 remove color to-do
[DIFF] 11:32 Info brobecke new page for the 8.3 release management.


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