The first edition of this document was written by John Gilmore of Cygnus Solutions. The current second edition was written by Stan Shebs of Cygnus Solutions, who continues to update the manual.

Over the years, many others have made additions and changes to this document. This section attempts to record the significant contributors to that effort. One of the virtues of free software is that everyone is free to contribute to it; with regret, we cannot actually acknowledge everyone here.

Plea: This section has only been added relatively recently (four years after publication of the second edition). Additions to this section are particularly welcome. If you or your friends (or enemies, to be evenhanded) have been unfairly omitted from this list, we would like to add your names!

A document such as this relies on being kept up to date by numerous small updates by contributing engineers as they make changes to the code base. The file ChangeLog in the GDB distribution approximates a blow-by-blow account. The most prolific contributors to this important, but low profile task are Andrew Cagney (responsible for over half the entries), Daniel Jacobowitz, Mark Kettenis, Jim Blandy and Eli Zaretskii.

Eli Zaretskii and Daniel Jacobowitz wrote the sections documenting watchpoints.

Jeremy Bennett updated the sections on initializing a new architecture and register representation, and added the section on Frame Interpretation.

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