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Testsuite Configuration

It is possible to adjust the behavior of the testsuite by defining the global variables listed below, either in a site.exp file, or in a board file.

Defining this variable changes the default timeout duration used during communication with GDB. More specifically, the global variable used during testing is timeout, but this variable gets reset to gdb_test_timeout at the beginning of each testcase, making sure that any local change to timeout in a testcase does not affect subsequent testcases.

This global variable comes in handy when the debugger is slower than normal due to the testing environment, triggering unexpected TIMEOUT test failures. Examples include when testing on a remote machine, or against a system where communications are slow.

If not specifically defined, this variable gets automatically defined to the same value as timeout during the testsuite initialization. The default value of the timeout is defined in the file gdb/testsuite/config/unix.exp that is part of the GDB test suite [DOCF7 7].


[FOOT7 (7)]

If you are using a board file, it could override the test-suite default; search the board file for "timeout".

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