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Cut the Branch

Create the branch

$  u=5.1
$  v=5.2
$  V=`echo $v | sed 's/\./_/g'`
$  D=`date -u +%Y-%m-%d`
$  echo $u $V $D
5.1 5_2 2002-03-03
$  echo cvs -f -d rtag \
-D $D-gmt gdb_$V-$D-branchpoint insight
cvs -f -d rtag
-D 2002-03-03-gmt gdb_5_2-2002-03-03-branchpoint insight
$  ^echo ^^
$  echo cvs -f -d rtag \
-b -r gdb_$V-$D-branchpoint gdb_$V-branch insight
cvs -f -d rtag \
-b -r gdb_5_2-2002-03-03-branchpoint gdb_5_2-branch insight
$  ^echo ^^

Update {{{}}}

$  u=5.1
$  v=5.2
$  V=`echo $v | sed 's/\./_/g'`
$  echo $u $v$V
5.1 5_2
$  cd /tmp
$  echo cvs -f -d co \
-r gdb_$V-branch src/gdb/
cvs -f -d co
 -r gdb_5_2-branch src/gdb/
$  ^echo ^^
U src/gdb/
$  cd src/gdb
$  echo $u.90-DATE-cvs >
$  cat
$  cvs -f commit

Update the web and news pages

Something? [Tweak-cron-to-track-the-new-branch ]

Tweak cron to track the new branch

The file gdbadmin/cron/crontab contains gdbadmin’s cron table. This file needs to be updated so that:

See the file gdbadmin/cron/README for how to install the updated cron table.

The file gdbadmin/ss/README should also be reviewed to reflect any changes. That file is copied to both the branch/ and current/ snapshot directories. [Update-the-NEWS-and-README-files ]

Update the NEWS and README files

The NEWS file needs to be updated so that on the branch it refers to changes in the current release while on the trunk it also refers to changes since the current release.

The README file needs to be updated so that it refers to the current release. [Post-the-branch-info ]

Post the branch info

Send an announcement to the mailing lists:

Pragmatics: The branch creation is sent to the announce list to ensure that people people not subscribed to the higher volume discussion list are alerted.

The announcement should include:

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