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CLI support

At present GDB’s CLI is very much entangled in with the core of libgdb. Consequently, a client wishing to include the CLI in their interface needs to carefully co-ordinate its own and the CLI’s requirements.

It is suggested that the client set libgdb up to be bi-modal (alternate between CLI and client query modes). The notes below sketch out the theory:

When the client receives input intended for the CLI, it simply passes it along. Since the cli-out builder is installed by default, all the CLI output in response to that command is routed (pronounced rooted) through to the client controlled gdb_stdout et. al. streams. At the same time, the client is kept abreast of internal changes by virtue of being a libgdb observer.

The only restriction on the client is that it must wait until libgdb becomes idle before initiating any queries (using the client’s custom builder).

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