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Before the Branch

The most important objective at this stage is to find and fix simple changes that become a pain to track once the branch is created. For instance, configuration problems that stop GDB from even building. If you can’t get the problem fixed, document it in the gdb/PROBLEMS file. [Prompt-for-gdb_002fNEWS ]

Prompt for {{{gdb/NEWS}}}

People always forget. Send a post reminding them but also if you know something interesting happened add it yourself. The schedule script will mention this in its e-mail. [Review-gdb_002fREADME ]

Review {{{gdb/README}}}

Grab one of the nightly snapshots and then walk through the gdb/README looking for anything that can be improved. The schedule script will mention this in its e-mail. [Refresh-any-imported-files_002e ]

Refresh any imported files.

A number of files are taken from external repositories. They include:

Check the ARI

Review the bug data base

Close anything obviously fixed. [Check-all-cross-targets-build ]

Check all cross targets build

The targets are listed in gdb/MAINTAINERS.

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