I8X executes Infinity notes for testing purposes. Its main mode of operation is as a unit-testing framework, but simple functions may be executed from the command-line too.

Proper documentation is coming soon, but for now see i8x --help:

Usage: i8x [OPTION]... TESTFILE...
   or: i8x [OPTION]... [-q|--quick] FUNCTION [ARGUMENT]...

Infinity Note Execution Environment.

  --help                Display this information.
  --version             Display version information.
  -I DIR                Add the directory DIR to the list of directories
                        that TestCase.import_constants_from will search
                        for header files.
  -i, --import=ELFFILE  Import notes from ELFFILE.
  -q, --quick           Execute the function and arguments specified on
                        command line.
  -t, --trace           Trace function execution.  This option may be
                        specified multiple times for greater detail.

Report I8X bugs to infinity@sourceware.org
Infinity home page: <https://sourceware.org/gdb/wiki/Infinity>

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