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 * [[Sourceware:PR16303|PR gdb/16303]] (GDB 7.6.1 does not work with binutils 2.24 on MIPS16 and microMIPS)

GDB 7.6.x Release Management

Fixes in GDB 7.6.2

GDB 7.6.2 brings the following fixes and improvements:

Fixes in GDB 7.6.1

GDB 7.6.1 brings the following fixes and improvements:

  • PR tdep/15420 (Cannot debug threaded programs on newer versions of x86-solaris - Solaris 10, Update 10 or later)

  • PR remote/15455 (QTro remote packet broken)

  • PR build/15476 (Build failure due to incomplete enum type in utils.h)

  • PR server/15594 (tls support in 64x32 x86 gdbserver doesn't extend address to 64 bit)

  • PR server/15075 (dprintf inteferes with "next")

  • PR server/15434 (dprintf uses a synchronous 'continue' even in non-stop mode)

  • PR tui/14880 (In split register layouts, up results in assertion failure in value.c)

  • PR c++/15519 (GDB 7.6 is 94x slower than GDB 7.5.1 using a certain core file)

  • PR gdb/15837 (GDB prints entry values for local variables)

  • PR gdb/15415 (gdb resolves symbolic links when passing argv[0])

  • PR cli/15603 (CTRL-C can no longer interrupt inferior)

  • PR gdb/15604 (gdbserver socket leak 7.5 regression)

Issues, Cleanup Tasks, etc

Some Action Items to be addressed before the next release as well as some cleanup tasks that should be completed before then.

Current tentative branch date: Mar 12, 2013 (initially Feb 04, waiting btrace patch series).

[NAME] at the beginning of each item is the name of a point of contact who will help trying to get the issue fixed faster.


Todo (Optional?):

The following items were moved to "optional" because there was no clear obvious indication of what should be done. We did not want to delay the corrective release further for them.




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