Miscellaneous administrivia for GDB developers

This page documents things like where to find cron scripts.


Several scripts exist in the "ss" module of the "gdbadmin" cvs repository.

cvs -d $id@sourceware.org:/cvs/gdbadmin co ss

auto-merge from gcc

The "master" copy of several files live in the gcc source tree, and are periodically merged into the binutils-gdb repo.

These files are:

@files = ("Makefile.tpl", "Makefile.def", "Makefile.in",
          "configure.ac", "configure", "config", "install-sh",
          "missing", "depcomp", "config.guess", "config.sub",
          "compile", "ylwrap", "config.rpath", "ltgcc.m4",
          "ltmain.sh", "ltoptions.m4", "ltsugar.m4", "ltversion.m4",

$dir_rx = qr,^(libiberty|include|intl|libdecnumber)/,;

Files in "include" are then checked for existence in binutils-gdb.git.

ref: https://sourceware.org/ml/gdb/2013-11/msg00022.html


Patchwork is a proposed code review system.

link to patchwork site on sourceware

Link to suggested workflow

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