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Test GDB for each new repository commit and report any regressions for it. Test also regressions for user-provided patches.

Regressions get detected by running the thorough GDB testsuite and (a bit fuzzy) comparison of its results against the previous build results. (optional, can be done by the GDB team)


  • Make builds more reliable e.g add local git mirror to avoid git timeouts
  • Move all native builds to cross builds.
  • Add new operating systems like windows, freebsd, openbsd
  • Add new architectures like mips, powerpc, ia64
  • Run tests for available targets and store results in a database
  • Write a script which detects regressions
  • Add a ARI step


  • How build fails and regression should be reported e.g. via irc, email to the offender or gdb-testers
  • How to trigger build/test runs prior to commits to the CVS
  • How to deal with reporting false regression positives due to fuzzy testsuite results

Feature list

Compatibility is required with GDB repository in both CVS and GIT.

Support various provided (as rpms, distros or upstream repository branches/tags) GCC versions for building GDB and its testing workload.

Support multiple testing hosts with various architectures. Beaker test system integration must not be required for x86* but it should be supported to be able to cover also other arches.

Support running tests inside various kinds of virtualized hosts. Either mock (=chroot) or the full KVM virtual host. (It may be just provided by Beaker, interfaced probably by libvirt.)

Support running multi-host testsuite using gdbserver (remote GDB backend).

Properly report kernel crashes of hosts under the test. Associate the kernel crash reports with the GDB workload under test.

(optional) Integration with Fedora/RHEL mock (OS distribution provisioning) and the rpm packaging to test also new Fedora/RHEL builds with it.

(optional) Besides GDB to regression test also binutils.

Supporting other features of existing buildbot solutions.

Analyze existing buildbot solutions, we could just deploy one of them:

Hosted Build Services

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