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To serve 4 people

Beans - 2 cups of size of small tinned milk

Dried and ground crayfish - 2-table spoonful

Beef - 1kg (cut into tiny bits)

Boiled eggs (cut into slices)

Nutmeg (ground)
[www.google.com google]
Dried pepper or ground chilly pepper - to taste (depending on your palate)

Seasoning - your choice of brand -2 cubes

West African Palm-oil (or vegetable oil) - 1 cooking spoon

Large pepper - 2 large size

Tomatoes - 2 medium size

Onion - 1 medium size

Large African leaves or small plastic containers to contain the final paste

Salt - a pinch to taste

Water - as -required Serve hot

The ingredients: The washed beans with the skin peeled at the centre.
(To save time, have the mixture of your ground tomatoes, onions and pepper in a blender to a smooth paste prior to the following steps)

1st step: The beans would have been soaked in water for about 5min to soften the skin. Then rubbing very hard against the palm of the hands continuously will peel off the skin.

2nd step: Sieve the peeled beans of their skin several times until the skin is completely removed.

3rd step: Blend the beans (without water) to a paste including onions, pepper, tomatoes, Cray fish, nutmeg and whatever items you are keen on.
Add warm water and continue to stir for a smooth paste but not watery.....

4th step: Large African leaves, already cleaned in water.
(The leaves add special aroma and nice taste after the cooking) Or you make do instead,
very small plastic containers as shown below, if you can't get the leaves in the African or ethnic market.

5th step: Leaves being prepared. Bend to cut at the midrib,
(bottom of the stalk).

6th step: Make a cone and fold under as shown.

7th step: Put unused leaves stalk or something on the bottom of the pot or the steamer (to prevent burning and direct contact with the bottom, you are actually steaming to cook)

Add the blended bean paste as shown. The pot has little water boiling. (You will determine the quantity)

Here, you add bits of sliced eggs, diced liver, diced beef, diced shrimp etc

8th step: The leaves now folded as a cone now folded ready for the pot.

9th step: Using the alternative of plastic containers
if you can't lay your hands on the leaves.

10th step: Bring a sample out after about 20minutes to taste when it is done.

End: Ready to serve. Eaten alone or otherwise.0D

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