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A program space, or progspace, represents a symbolic view of an address space. It consists of all of the objfiles of the program. See Objfiles In Python. See program spaces, for more details about program spaces.

The following progspace-related functions are available in the gdb module:

Function: gdb.current_progspace ()

This function returns the program space of the currently selected inferior. See Inferiors and Programs.

Function: gdb.progspaces ()

Return a sequence of all the progspaces currently known to GDB.

Each progspace is represented by an instance of the gdb.Progspace class.

Variable: Progspace.filename

The file name of the progspace as a string.

Variable: Progspace.pretty_printers

The pretty_printers attribute is a list of functions. It is used to look up pretty-printers. A Value is passed to each function in order; if the function returns None, then the search continues. Otherwise, the return value should be an object which is used to format the value. See Pretty Printing API, for more information.

Variable: Progspace.type_printers

The type_printers attribute is a list of type printer objects. See Type Printing API, for more information.

Variable: Progspace.frame_filters

The frame_filters attribute is a dictionary of frame filter objects. See Frame Filter API, for more information.