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8.4 Information About a Frame

There are several other commands to print information about the selected stack frame.


When used without any argument, this command does not change which frame is selected, but prints a brief description of the currently selected stack frame. It can be abbreviated f. With an argument, this command is used to select a stack frame. See Selecting a Frame.

info frame
info f

This command prints a verbose description of the selected stack frame, including:

The verbose description is useful when something has gone wrong that has made the stack format fail to fit the usual conventions.

info frame [ frame-selection-spec ]
info f [ frame-selection-spec ]

Print a verbose description of the frame selected by frame-selection-spec. The frame-selection-spec is the same as for the frame command (see Selecting a Frame). The selected frame remains unchanged by this command.

info args

Print the arguments of the selected frame, each on a separate line.

info locals

Print the local variables of the selected frame, each on a separate line. These are all variables (declared either static or automatic) accessible at the point of execution of the selected frame.

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