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6 Frames

Value Annotations have been removed. GDB/MI instead provides a number of frame commands.

Frame annotations are no longer available. The GDB/MI provides ‘-stack-list-arguments’, ‘-stack-list-locals’, and ‘-stack-list-frames’ commands.

Whenever GDB prints a frame, it annotates it. For example, this applies to frames printed when GDB stops, output from commands such as backtrace or up, etc.

The frame annotation begins with

^Z^Zframe-begin level address

where level is the number of the frame (0 is the innermost frame, and other frames have positive numbers), address is the address of the code executing in that frame, and level-string is a string designed to convey the level to the user. address is in the form ‘0x’ followed by one or more lowercase hex digits (note that this does not depend on the language). The frame ends with


Between these annotations is the main body of the frame, which can consist of

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