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Welcome to EL/IX - Linux based open standards for embedded development

The EL/IX pages are dedicated to the development and standardization of Linux for embedded devices. EL/IX is an application programming interface (API) based on the Linux API allowing embedded applications to be ported easily and quickly between any EL/IX compliant operating systems.

To get up to speed with the EL/IX initiative read the white paper for an overview of our aims and rationale, and the Draft API specification for a detailed description. The initial press release also gives an overview of the original motivation for EL/IX API, and the industry support that the initiative has gained. The FAQ should help answer any outstanding questions you may have.

News and events

18 Sep 2000... Version 1.2 of the EL/IX API specification has been released!
Old releases of the API are still available.

25 Aug 2000... Red Hat announces a development release of EL/IX compatibility for the eCos embedded real-time operating system.

10 Jan 2000... Red Hat, Inc. completes acquisition of Cygnus Solutions (press release) and is now the new driving force for development of EL/IX.

27 Sep 1999... EL/IX announced by Cygnus Solutions at ESC West '99

If you wish to participate in the development of EL/IX, then please register your interest, and join the mailing lists to hear about and discuss the latest EL/IX developments. Two mailing lists are available: "elix-announce" is a low volume, moderated list that will be used to announce major EL/IX news items such as when new revisions to the API specification are published, and new releases of major EL/IX related software components.The more general "elix" mailing list is a non-moderated list for review and general discussion of the EL/IX API standard.

Red Hat is not collecting information about you for anything other than the normal distribution of e-mail to that list. The information we collect will only be used to organize the EL/IX projects and will not be given to people outside of Red Hat.