Instructions for each machine:

ip2022 ALU - ALU

ip2022 BR - Branch

ip2022 ip2022 - Ubicom IP2022

ip2022ext ALU - ALU

ip2022ext BR - Branch

ip2022ext ip2022ext - Ubicom IP2022 extended

Individual instructions descriptions

addcfr_w - Add w/carry fr,W

addcw_fr - Add w/carry W,fr

addfr_w - Add fr,W

addw_fr - Add W,fr

addw_l - ADD W,literal

andfr_w - AND fr,W

andw_fr - AND W,fr

andw_l - AND W,literal

break - Breakpoint

breakx - Breakpoint with extended skip

call - Call

clr_fr - Clear fr

clrb - Clear bit

cmpw_fr - CMP W,fr

cmpw_l - CMP W,literal

csew_fr - Skip if equal W,fr

csew_l - CSE W,literal

csnew_fr - Skip if not-equal W,fr

csnew_l - CSNE W,literal

cwdt - Clear watchdog timer

dec_fr - Decrement fr

decsnz_fr - Skip if fr-- not zero

decsnzw_fr - Skip if W=fr-1 not zero

decsz_fr - Skip if fr-- zero

decszw_fr - Skip if W=fr-1 zero

decw_fr - Decrement fr into w

ferase - Flash erase

fread - Flash read

fwrite - Flash write

inc_fr - Increment fr

incsnz_fr - Skip if fr++ not zero

incsnzw_fr - Skip if W=fr+1 not zero

incsz_fr - Skip if fr++ zero

incszw_fr - Skip if W=fr+1 zero

incw_fr - Increment fr into w

int - Software interrupt

iread - Insn memory read

ireadi - Insn memory read with increment

iwrite - Insn memory write

iwritei - Insn memory write with increment

jmp - Jump

loadh_a - LoadH addr16h

loadh_l - LoadH literal

loadl_a - LoadL addr16l

loadl_l - LoadL literal

movfr_w - Move/test w into fr

movw_fr - Move/test fr into w

movw_l - MOV W,literal

mulsw_fr - Multiply W,fr (signed)

mulsw_l - Multiply W,literal (signed)

muluw_fr - Multiply W,fr (unsigned)

muluw_l - Multiply W,literal (unsigned)

nop - No operation

not_fr - Invert fr

notw_fr - Invert fr into w

orfr_w - OR fr,W

orw_fr - OR W,fr

orw_l - OR W,literal

page - Set insn page

pop_fr - Pop fr

push_fr - Push fr

push_l - Push #lit8

ret - Return

reti - Return from interrupt

retnp - Return, no page

retw_l - RETW literal

rl_fr - Rotate fr left with carry

rlw_fr - Rotate fr left with carry into W

rr_fr - Rotate fr right with carry

rrw_fr - Rotate fr right with carry into W

sb - Skip if bit set

setb - Set bit

snb - Skip if bit clear

speed - Set speed

subcfr_w - Subtract w/carry fr,W

subcw_fr - Subract w/carry W,fr

subfr_w - Sub fr,W

subw_fr - Sub W,fr

subw_l - SUB W,literal

swap_fr - Swap fr nibbles

swapw_fr - Swap fr nibbles into W

system - System call

test_fr - Test fr

xorfr_w - XOR fr,W

xorw_fr - XOR W,fr

xorw_l - XOR W,literal

Macro Instructions

Macro instructions for each machine:

ip2022 - Ubicom IP2022

ip2022ext - Ubicom IP2022 extended

Individual macro-instructions descriptions

sc - Skip on carry

skip - Skip always

skipb - Skip always

snc - Skip on no carry

snz - Skip on no zero

sz - Skip on zero

This documentation was machine generated from the cgen cpu description files for this architecture.