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A register name can optionally be prefixed by a `%' character. So register %r0 is equivalent to r0 in the assembly code.
The presence of a `#' character within a line (but not at the start of a line) indicates the start of a comment that extends to the end of the current line.

Note: if a line starts with a `#' character then it can also be a logical line number directive (see Comments) or a preprocessor control command (see Preprocessing).

Prefixing an operand with an `@' specifies that the operand is a symbol and not a register. This is how the assembler disambiguates the use of an ARC register name as a symbol. So the instruction
          mov r0, @r0

moves the address of symbol r0 into register r0.

The ``' (backtick) character is used to separate statements on a single line.

Used as a separator to obtain a sequence of commands from a C preprocessor macro.