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7.100 .type

This directive is used to set the type of a symbol.

COFF Version

For COFF targets, this directive is permitted only within .def/.endef pairs. It is used like this:

     .type int

This records the integer int as the type attribute of a symbol table entry.

ELF Version

For ELF targets, the .type directive is used like this:

     .type name , type description

This sets the type of symbol name to be either a function symbol or an object symbol. There are five different syntaxes supported for the type description field, in order to provide compatibility with various other assemblers. The syntaxes supported are:

       .type <name>,#function
       .type <name>,#object
       .type <name>,@function
       .type <name>,@object
       .type <name>,%function
       .type <name>,%object
       .type <name>,"function"
       .type <name>,"object"
       .type <name> STT_FUNCTION
       .type <name> STT_OBJECT